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Poshmark Introduces Posh Lens, a New Tool Enabling Effortless Style Search for Shoppers

Poshmark, the fashion resale marketplace renowned for its vibrant community and real-time social experiences, has unveiled a new feature called Posh Lens.

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This innovative tool empowers shoppers to effortlessly discover secondhand styles simply by using a photo.

In a world where fashion inspiration can strike anywhere, Posh Lens caters to those who have a vision of a desired item but lack the words to describe it.

By making the search for secondhand fashion more accessible and convenient, this feature allows users to recreate their favorite looks from influencers, boutiques, or stylish acquaintances.

Poshmark’s Posh Lens Features

  1. See: Users can access Posh Lens by tapping the dedicated icon in the search bar from their Feed or the Shop tab. Alternatively, they can find it through the Sell tab.
  2. Snap: A clear, centered photo taken against a simple background can be snapped or uploaded from the user’s phone. No need to provide detailed descriptions of the product, brand, or style – the image itself suffices.
  3. Shop: Once the photo is submitted, users can browse through the search results to explore available listings. Whether finding the exact item they desire or discovering similar alternatives, the shopping experience is made more seamless with Posh Lens.

Currently, Posh Lens is available for the most popular categories on Poshmark, including Women’s and Men’s apparel, shoes, and bags.

The search results populate items that closely match or resemble the uploaded image. This feature not only enhances the shopping experience for users but also supports sellers by increasing visibility and driving traffic to their listings.

Posh Lens utilizes cutting-edge visual search technology and AI capabilities developed by Naver, Korea’s largest internet company. This collaboration marks the first feature to emerge since Poshmark’s partnership with Naver in January 2023.

By integrating smart lens image recognition and image-based search into Poshmark’s marketplace, the two companies aim to become global leaders in online fashion resale while encouraging a more seamless online resale experience and fostering participation in the circular economy.

“The launch of Posh Lens is just the beginning of how we are working with Naver to deliver new innovation to the Poshmark community,” said Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Poshmark.

“Our sellers have curated an extensive and unique catalog of merchandise, and Posh Lens offers shoppers the ability to turn their inspiration into reality and track down special pieces with a single photo.

“We’re also thrilled to bring Posh Lens to our community on the heels of introducing live shopping through Posh Shows – these innovations are giving consumers exciting new ways to search, shop and find style inspiration on Poshmark.”

Posh Lens is available for all mobile app users on both iOS and Android platforms in the United States, further enhancing the shopping experience for fashion-forward enthusiasts in the country.

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