Poshmark Recognized with U.S. Postal Service 10-Year Partnership Award

Poshmark, a leading social marketplace for new and secondhand styles, today announced it has received a 10-Year Partnership Award from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), a prestigious award celebrating the longstanding relationship between the two organizations that most notably led to the creation of PoshPost, Poshmark’s no-hassle shipping service.

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Representatives from USPS visited Poshmark’s headquarters in Redwood City, California, to officially present the 10-Year Partnership Award and meet with members of the team. USPS also recently recognized Poshmark in its 2022 Annual Sustainability Report for the role it plays in helping Americans extend the lifespan of clothing and other items by promoting reuse and circularity.

“In partnership with the USPS team, we have completely disrupted traditional shipping models to offer consumers a simple, easy, and cost-effective way to shop each others’ closets and participate in the circular economy,” said Manish Chandra, Founder, and CEO of Poshmark, Inc.

“We value our relationship with USPS immensely and look forward to continuing to innovate our exclusive PoshPost program to offer consumers the very best, most competitive shipping service. Together, we invite you to join the secondhand and resale movement and discover how the future of fashion is in your closet.”

“Over a 10-year period, Poshmark has enhanced the value of what USPS delivers every day – mail and packages,” said Jay Smith USPS Director of Enterprise and Key Accounts.

“Along with the presentation of this recognition, USPS is excited to continue its partnership with Poshmark, a company that embodies forward-thinking, innovative solutions and has made significant achievements to excel in the industry.”

Poshmark & USPS Partnership

USPS recognized Poshmark at the May 2022 National Postal Forum with its Innovation and Growth Award, recognizing partner companies that have employed innovative strategies and operational improvements to rapidly grow and deliver increased value and business results.

Poshmark and USPS share a strategic partnership that dates back to Poshmark’s founding. Launched in 2011, PoshPost, Poshmark’s no-hassle shipping service through USPS, provides a pre-paid, pre-addressed label to the seller allowing for quick and easy fulfillment.

The process has garnered positive feedback from both buyers and sellers, and overall customer satisfaction has increased due to this simple shipping approach. That convenience is making it easier for people to extend the lifecycle of items, keep them from being landfilled or burned, and, ultimately, contribute to a more circular, sustainable future.

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