QuickBooks Partners With Stripe Atlas to Help Entrepreneurs Launch Their Business

QuickBooks partners with Stripe Atlas to make it easier for entrepreneurs to establish their business prosperity from day one.

“Today, QuickBooks and Stripe Atlas work together to help new business owners simplify the process of starting and running a business,” the company said in its announcement.

With more than 5.4 million entrepreneurs starting a new business in 2021, setting a new record, and QuickBooks estimating up to 17 million people showing interest to launch their own business in 2022, Stripe Atlas can help aspiring entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

Starting a business sounds easy on paper, but forms, fees, and legal complexities can create headaches, especially for first-time business owners.

This is where Stripe Atlas can help as it removes the barriers of paperwork and legal confusion, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on their idea and business strategy.

Stripe Atlas can also help international entrepreneurs establish a US company, which may be helpful with raising funds for expansion down the road but also operating inside the United Stated when dealing with US-based solutions providers.

Key Features of Stripe Atlas

Forming a Legal Entity: Stripe Atlas guides entrepreneurs through the formation of their company step-by-step, including signed documents to establish company bylaws and protect Intelectual Property, company formation documents, and a Tax ID number from the IRS.

Issue Stock to Founders: The service can help create the company’s initial ownership structure using Stripe’s free tool and generate stock issuance documents using standard terms other top startups use.

Maximize Stripe Account: Entrepreneurs can use their Stripe account to accept over 100 currencies from customers worldwide. They also will have access to the company’s other products which include Billing, Capital, Connect, Corporate Card, and Radar, to track money movement and protect the company from fraud.

Because Stripe Atlas ensures that companies start with a clean and professionally established structure, the service has been able to help entrepreneurs raise more than $2 billion in funding.

Additionally, Stripe Atlas provides entrepreneurs with access to the Stripe Atlas Community where they can interact with other entrepreneurs and get tips and tricks on running their businesses.

Stripe has also partnered with companies to offer discounts on common business services.

Stripe Atlas is a service of payment and financial services company Stripe. QuickBooks is part of Intuit, a global technology platform that also owns TurboTax, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp.

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