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In 2020, rapidly-growing digital rebate and savings marketplace RebateKey paid out over $31.6 million in rebates to its network of over 670,000 users, and has now announced the seven-figure acquisition of the Pixelfy.Me to kick off 2021.

Pixelfy.Me is known as the leader in eCommerce and Amazon for link tracking and link analytics. This milestone marks 122.5% growth in users on the website, hitting over 10,000 users on its Google Chrome Extension, and 69% of growth in rebates paid out from 2019 to 2020. The site has now officially paid out over $77 million in all-time rebates.

The acquisition of Pixelfy.Me expands on RebateKey’s mission to work with sellers in reaching new and returning consumers through analytics, retargeting, link shortening, and unique link creation with tracking and pixeling. Co-founded by Ian Sells in 2017, RebateKey aids brands in promoting their best deals and products to bargain-hunting shoppers.

RebateKey works with brands to grow their online sales by using rebates and coupons to drive purchases of new and existing products while gaining exposure and customer feedback. The Company works with all sizes of sellers ranging from Amazon private label sellers, to Shopify store owners and Etsy shops, while also working with top brands.

“Pixelfy.Me has done a great job at creating a platform where sellers can create and track any type of Amazon or Walmart link they needed for a campaign, including Canonical, Supreme, Brand, Storefront, Add-to-Cart URLs, URL Rotators, and more,”

“We see adding this platform to the RebateKey family as a huge benefit to sellers and users wanting to sell and launch more products.”

Ian Sells, CEO and Co-Founder, RebateKey.

For consumers, RebateKey offers a vast variety of products that are eligible for 1% to 100% cashback rebates. RebateKey is unique in its exclusive 100% cashback rebate offers, which are constantly changing and available daily. RebateKey has deals in every category from pet supplements to home goods to baby products.

RebateKey is the trusted 3rd party that ensures consumers get their cashback rebates from their online purchases as brands prepay RebateKey ahead of time for the cashback incentives.

“We founded RebateKey as a way to give everyone from small brands to large retailers the ability to get their products in the hands of new consumers. With deals on products and rebates up to 100% cashback, users of RebateKey can claim tons of products for free while being able to support the companies they’re purchasing from,”

“As an Amazon seller myself, I understand the importance of gaining sales traction while marketing and launching a new product.”

Ian Sells, CEO and Co-Founder, RebateKey.

Ian Sells has been growing businesses using ever-changing internet marketing strategies since 2004. After selling his first Amazon brand, he launched four more product lines while also opening an Amazon consulting business, managing over $30 million in eCommerce sales.

RebateKey’s current growth trajectory shows one million buyers and over 40,000 brands using RebateKey by the end of 2021. The acquisition of Pixelfy.Me will expand the product offerings within the platform for sellers and buyers.

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