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Reducing Delivery Time On Custom Products


There is much need for fast delivery times especially at the rate that eCommerce is growing. ECommerce has made buying and selling products much easier and much faster. However, while transactions have become fast, delivery is where the bottleneck is right now.

Amazon are largely to blame for this growing expectation of fast delivery which we covered in this article here.

The fast delivery expectation

Forward thinking companies are now responding to this growing demand for faster delivery times. Such as which is making delivery time of its products to be within one day across Europe.

This is of course a priority shipping service they are offering. Standard delivery would still take around three days for the product to be delivered.

However giving customers that choice and an option for a fast way of delivering products, which is increasingly becoming an important aspect of eCommerce.

It is not just which is looking to speed up delivery time. Amazon has been looking for ways to speed up product delivery.

Robotics seems to be the solution it sees to be the most viable. Though automated picking would still be at least a year away from happening, this already seems to be a promising way in cutting down delivery time.

Custom products delivery time

One area that could be a concern when it comes to reducing delivery time is customized products.

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Unlike mass produced products, custom products take time to be made and delivered. This would be a challenge for those who specialize in custom products, as a fast delivery time can make or break a transaction.

One solution that some have made is to make a mass customization of products. That would mean taking in certain aspects of a product that customers want, and then making that component available on a wider scale.

A fast delivery time then could be made with mass customized products, as it would also mean a reduction in production time as there would be more parts available rather than make parts just for one customer.

It means taking the least common denominator for a customized part for more people, making it more available and much easier to manufacture then.

Do you sell customizable products? Would you see creating mass products as an option to be able to offer a fast delivery service? Let us know in the comments below.

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