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Report: eBay Quietly Ended Plans For Its Fulfillment Program in December


The San Jose Business Journal reported on Monday that the eBay Managed Delivery program it planned to launch in the U.S. this year was quietly ended in December.

According to the report, consultants with ties to eBay boiled it down to the company by suggesting that “You can never, ever come close to competing with Amazon.”

In retrospect, a clue that the program was dead should’ve been that there was no mention of it during the latest eBay earnings call.

Also, the company removed the original landing page for this program, which was at https://ebay.com/manageddelivery.

It seems until there is clarity about eBay’s future, such as who will lead the company and what divisions will still be left after the strategic review is over, aggressive initiatives such as managed delivery are going to take a backseat.

This could be a long year for eBay sellers looking for growth in the core marketplace!

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