Report: Postal Workers Claim USPS Managers Force Employees to Falsify Deliveries

In a story aired and published by Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, several USPS workers claim managers force employees to falsify package delivery information.

The USPS employees allege that managers want to keep on-time delivery rates up and therefore demand that workers mark items as delivered when in fact they are not.

The report further alleges that recipients in the area have voiced concerns about parcels showing “delivered”, but are actually delivered one to three days later.

One postal employee identified with the pseudonym of Jill said in the report, “They’re being scanned as a, ‘business being closed’– if it’s a residence– or, ‘receptacle blocked’– when the receptacle in fact wasn’t blocked– things of that nature.”

Another worker identified as Jim in the report claims “It [the package] could be on some dock, not even being distributed for delivery that day… When [the employees] come in the morning, they’ll [managers] just line up the packages and start scanning them.”

The two employees claim about 10 to 20 percent of packages receive fake scans, which adds up to thousands of packages per year.

Also, the TV station says this is not the first story like this and they broadcast one last year around this time with similar claims from a different carrier.

Statement from Post Office

Fox 13 obtained a statement from USPS which didn’t address the allegations made by the workers specifically.

“We aim to provide timely and accurate scanning and delivery to each and every customer. If a customer has a service or delivery concern, we ask them to contact their Post Office, 1-800-ASK-USPS, or visit

“Informed Delivery sends images of mail that will arrive soon, not always the same day.”

USPS Statement

The story was published on December 5, 2018 on Fox 13 website. We cannot confirm the allegations of the story as published by Fox 13. 

However, if there is any truth to the claims, this kind of situation only hurts small businesses and marketplace sellers as they may have to deal with customers to solve deliveries issues caused by falsified scans.

This could mean hours of wasted time and lost productivity to solve a problem potentially caused by unscrupulous USPS managers.

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  1. two falsified scans occured today with my package… 1 package was scanned as “delivered” at 3:35pm while the other scanned as “Delivery attempted” at 2:25pm; both at the same address??‍♂️

  2. I also faced this problem once. My package was falsified scan :/

  3. dealing with this in Knoxville TN currently

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