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Residential UPS Next Day Air Deliveries Will be Later During 2021 Holiday Season


UPS issued an operational adjustment to its UPS Next Day Air service guarantee that will impact shipments during the busy holiday season and possibly beyond.

The company announced that its delivery commitment times for UPS Next Day Air destined for residential locations with a typical delivery time of 10:30 AM will be extended to 12:00 PM and any Service Guarantee applicable to these shipments will be based on the revised delivery commitment times.

This new delivery time adjustment will become effective on Monday, October 2021 and will be in place until further notice.

As a reminder, UPS had reinstated most of its service guarantees for its most common parcel delivery services earlier this year that it had implemented on March 26, 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, some service guarantees do remain suspended, and shippers can find more information here on the official UPS website.

Online merchants and marketplace sellers should update their websites or listings to inform buyers of this change if they offer UPS Next Day Air service.

Most customers in urban areas know about the standard 10:30am delivery times and giving them notice that UPS changed this service guarantee should reduce customer service issues.

This adjustment does not apply to commercial addresses, those will continue to be covered by the 10:30am service guarantee where available.

UPS Peak Season Surcharges

Also, shippers should check this week’s UPS notice on peak season surcharges to ensure they are aware of potential additional fees applicable to some UPS shipments during the holiday season.

Among the major US carriers, it appears UPS is not affecting most smaller sellers with peak season surcharges in 2021 unless shipments require special handling or are oversized.

However, shippers may still want to check out our tips on how to minimize the impact of 2021 peak season surcharges here.

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