ReturnQueen App Makes Returns Easier for Shoppers

ReturnQueen announced they are expanding their on-demand contactless returns service that picks up, processes, and products on behalf of shoppers to more U.S. locations.

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The service solves the most significant pain points in the shopping cycle, including printing labels, packaging items, waiting in line, driving to the post office, and handling receipts.

This unique app allows users to view all their online purchases at a glance and choose which items they want to return. Consumers can return as many items as they can fit into the return bag provided by ReturnQueen. Membership options will be available to serve different customer needs.

The pandemic drastically decreased walk-in traffic to brick-and-mortar retailers and aided the already booming eCommerce business. This contactless service offers benefits to those consumers and retailers still navigating through the challenges associated with COVID-19.

ReturnQueen Launch

The company successfully launched in Ramsey, NJ on January 5, 2021, founded by two NY moms, and Daphna Englard. Due to the rapid growth of interested users, the company began its expansion plans immediately.

“As a mother of 5, I always had returns from various retailers sitting in my house and I never actually got to the returns on time to get my refund, literally so much money down the drain. This idea has been brewing for a few years now. Then, once COVID-19 hit, and buying online was preferred, it was even more evident that there was a need to fast track this contactless return service app. We are confident this idea will be a game changer and completely transform the shopping experience for both consumers and retailers.”

Dasya Katz, co-founder

ReturnQueen is currently operational in 3,771 zip codes across NJ, NY, NC, and FL with immediate plans to expand to Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, and Dallas within the next 30 days.

Merchants do not need to sign up with the service as ReturnQueen handles returns for all merchants automatically.

The company’s goal is to make this service quickly available throughout the U.S. to simplify returns for shoppers as more consumers evaluate return policies before making online purchases. The app is available on the Apple App for IOS and Google Play for Android users.

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