Image: Just Eat | Robot Delivery
Image: Just Eat | Robot Delivery

Get Things Quicker With Robotic Deliveries


A number of eCommerce sites are looking into robotics as a way to make deliveries faster. Amazon has been encouraging the development of robotics for use in eCommerce especially in production, handling and delivery.

One industry that can benefit greatly from robotics is the food industry. Unlike most other goods, food is heavily reliant on fast delivery time. Food can easily spoil, which makes fast delivery time critical. In London UK, there is a company that is testing out robotic deliveries in the food sector.

Robotic Deliveries!

Just Eat has struck a partnership with Starship Technologies, a robotics firm. Ten self-driving robotic cars are being used to deliver Just Eat’s goods to customers.

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Customers from select areas have the option of having their orders delivered through the robotic cars. So far, the two companies have just made their 1,000th delivery using the robotic cars.

The test run has so far been a success, and it might hint at having robotic cars delivering products and goods from more establishments later on.

Already the auto industry is looking into self-driving vehicles to be the next big thing for the industry. The technology is slowly being tested, and could soon become an option for a number of vehicles.

The auto industry has been using robotics for a number of years now in the manufacture of vehicles. With self-driving vehicles becoming more of a reality, automation just might make it even closer to home.

In many ways, robotics will help a wide variety of industries as it will speed up production as well as delivery.

Robotic deliveries might be costly initially, but in the long run it can save many companies money as delays would be lessened, as well as overhead costs such as storage and more reliable than humans.

For its part, Starship Technologies has its pilot program for its automated vehicles in other countries as well.

Trials are being done in the U.S., Germany, Switzerland and Estonia. Automated vehicles would soon be the wave of the future, as industries look for better ways to be efficient in production and delivery.

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