Royal Mail To Recruit 16,000 Seasonal Workers To Ensure Timely Christmas Deliveries

Anticipating the bustling Christmas holiday season, Royal Mail is launching a comprehensive strategy to manage the expected surge in postal and parcel volumes, initiating the recruitment of 16,000 temporary workers.

This seasonal staff will join the existing 110,000 posties, ensuring that both regular mail and an anticipated spike in online shopping parcels are sorted and delivered timely during the festive season.

Christmas represents a notably busy window for Royal Mail, as the company often manages around double its typical parcel and stamped letter volumes during this period.

Boosting Logistic Resources

To bolster its logistics capabilities overall, Royal Mail has expanded its fleet, incorporating an additional 6,800 vehicles and enlisting the services of over 1,000 road haulage contractors.

These strategic additions aim to proficiently transport seasonal mail and parcels across the nation, thus safeguarding the timely delivery of festive greetings and gifts.

The company has also provisioned an extra 176,500 sq. m. of temporary space, akin to 16 football pitches, across five seasonal parcel sort centers. These centers are strategically located in various regions, including Atherstone, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Daventry, and Greenford in London.

Strategic Placement of Royal Mail Resources

The forthcoming temporary roles will span across 37 mail centers countrywide, with contract durations extending from late October to early January 2024.

Notably, the timeframe for these additional temporary roles encompasses high-traffic retail periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, culminating in a peak throughout December.

Further boosting its processing capacity, Royal Mail’s two new automated Super Hubs, located in Daventry and Warrington, will also be onboarding up to 600 additional staff. These hubs are prepped to manage a processing volume of approximately two million parcels daily.

Grant McPherson, the Chief Operating Officer at Royal Mail, articulated the company’s committed approach to the festive season: “We are pulling out all the stops to deliver Christmas.”

McPherson underscored the pivotal nature of the Christmas period for the company and recognized the paramount importance of punctual delivery for customers.

In addition, Parcelforce Worldwide is also in the process of recruiting additional drivers and indoor workers to seamlessly manage the imminent influx of parcels.

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