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Royal Mail Achieves Milestone of 5,000 Electric Vehicles in Fleet

Royal Mail reached the significant milestone of deploying 5,000 electric vehicles across its expansive delivery and collection fleet. This laudable roll-out encompasses numerous cities, including London, Bristol, Glasgow, Cambridge, and Oxford, where low emission zones are actively enforced.

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The deployment of the 5,000th electric vehicle took place at the Sheffield City Delivery Office, a location where more than 50 electric vehicles are already operational for delivery and collection functions.

Thus far, a total of over 160 delivery or collection units nationwide have successfully made the transition to either full or partial electric operations.

The pioneering site to launch an all-electric fleet was Bristol, commencing in June 2021, and currently operating with a fleet of 22 all-electric units. The latest location to complete the transition to an all-electric fleet is the Urmston Delivery Office, where 19 electric vehicles are now in service.

Richard Sewell, Sheffield City Customer Office Manager, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It is truly gratifying to be at the forefront of Royal Mail’s electric fleet roll-out and to have welcomed the 5,000th vehicle to Sheffield City DO.

The new electric vans have become a familiar sight on Sheffield’s streets, and our postal workers are genuinely excited about their contribution to reducing air and noise pollution in our town.

As a company, we take great pride in having the lowest reported CO2e emissions per parcel among major UK delivery firms, and we are committed to showcasing the path to a more sustainable future for both our fleet and our planet.”

Royal Mail Dedicated to Cleaner Future

The expansion of zero-emission vehicles clearly demonstrates Royal Mail’s unwavering dedication to reducing emissions associated with its operations, while simultaneously promoting a cleaner future.

Already boasting the lowest reported CO2e emissions per parcel among major UK delivery companies, Royal Mail operates a distinctive ‘Feet on the Street’ network comprising over 90,000 dedicated postmen and women. Over half of parcel deliveries are conducted entirely on foot or through a park and loop method, combining minimal van mileage and efficient on-foot delivery.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the electric fleet offers advantages such as reduced maintenance requirements, leading to increased on-road time and enhanced reliability.

Depending on vehicle type, weather conditions, and load size, these electric vehicles can travel distances of up to 160 miles (257.5 km) between charges.

Furthermore, the fully electric vans feature up to 38% larger load space compared to their predecessors, granting them increased capacity to accommodate the growing volumes of parcels handled by Royal Mail.

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