Royal Mail parcel sorting machine opening Tyneside
Source: Royal Mail

Royal Mail Open New Fully Automated Parcel Sorting Machine in Tyneside Gateshead


Royal Mail announced that a new fully automated parcel sorting machine that can process 180,000 parcels per day has been installed in its Tyneside Mail center.

The machine – officially opened by Gateshead MP Ian Mearns – is an intelligent system of conveyor belts and scanning technology that automatically sorts parcels for despatch within Royal Mail’s network.

“I’m very honored to have been asked to unveil this new state-of-the-art machinery for Royal Mail at the major Tyneside depot in my Gateshead constituency. It will undoubtedly enhance Royal Mail’s capacity to respond to the demands of business customers and domestic customers alike and help facilitate the ever-growing demands for a universal parcel service that only Royal Mail can provide.”

Ian Mearns, MP for Gateshead

With just a few weeks away from the busiest time of the year for Royal Mail, the machine can sort up to 10,000 parcels per hour and send them to local mail centers across the country.

Royal Mail Invests in Infrastructure to Meet Parcel Demand

The launch of this parcel sorting machine is part of Royal Mail’s investment program to replace significant manual sorting processes and update other network enhancements to improve postal services.

This will help the company meet the continuing surge in demand for online shopping as automation can sort parcels up to four times more quickly than manual sorting, providing better service to its customers.

“We are transforming the way Royal Mail processes parcels which are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the boom in eCommerce and new online shopping trends accelerated by the pandemic. Our investment in state-of-the-art parcel sorting machines and automated technology enables us to compete more effectively for business and meet the demands of our customers while helping to secure quality jobs for the future of Royal Mail”

Achim Dunnwald, Chief Operating Officer, Royal Mail

Bowe Group built the parcel sorting machine, which is about the same length as six double-decker buses and can handle a variety of parcel shapes and sizes weighing up to 31kg.

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