Royal Mail Posties Can Now Bring Pre-Printed Postage Labels to Customers Nationwide

In time for Christmas shipping, Royal Mail has launched pre-printed postage labels for Parcel Collect nationwide after a successful test in limited markets.

The service enhancement allows customers without printers to enjoy the benefits of Parcel Collect, in which posties collect parcels as they go about their delivery routes.

The pre-printed label service adds even more convenience to customers who are increasingly short on time and may not want to leave home to drop off a parcel or wait in queues – especially during the cold winter months.

As the festive season approaches, it promises to be one of the most convenient ways to post presents this Christmas.

How it works

  • Parcel Collect enables customers to arrange for their postman to collect their parcel from their doorstep. (Available for collection Monday – Saturday only)
  • To have the postie bring a pre-printed label, customers need to book a collection online ( and indicate they would like to order a pre-printed, self-adhesive postage label. (Domestic labels only, service is not available on returns)
  • Royal Mail’s postmen and postwomen will collect a parcel from the customer’s door or nominated safe place. (If using a safe space, only one pre-printed label can be ordered)

Royal Mail Parcel Collect Reduces CO2 Emissions

Besides offering a higher level of convenience, Royal Mail’s Parcel Collect program reduces emissions and congestion when posties collect parcels on their regular routes because fewer vehicles have to be on the road just to make pickups.

Royal Mail already has the lowest CO2 emissions per parcel among major UK delivery companies based on its largest “Feet on the Street” network of over 85,000 postmen and women.

Parcel Collect is available six days a week (Monday – Saturday) and can be booked up to five days in advance and up to midnight the day before.

There is a small fee of 60p per item, inclusive of VAT, in addition to postage costs.

“Every day our posties walk past every house in the country at about the same time. People know when their postie is going to deliver and now they can send or return parcels at the same time,” said Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer at Royal Mail.

“If people aren’t going to be in, they can leave their item in a safe place for our postie to collect it and now if they don’t have a printer at home, they can ask their postie to bring the label with them. How convenient is that!”

“As the nights continue to draw in and the weather gets worse, why go out when you can stay safe and warm and leave the hard work to your friendly local postie. And even better, many of our deliveries and collections are carried out by posties who walk their rounds – the greenest way to send and return.”

After a trial of the service in four areas of the UK earlier this year, label-less collections are now available nationwide.

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