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Royal Mail Reduces Prices For Many UK Businesses in 2022

Starting from today (4th January 2022) Royal Mail has announced a flurry of price changes across the board which is set to reduce shipping costs for most businesses that utilize their services.

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To see the full list of prices for Royal Mail in 2022 you can see their full breakdown here. Below we have highlighted the changes most likely to impact your business in 2022.

Royal Mail International Business Contract

International tracking and signature services (country-priced): Royal Mail will be reducing their prices for tracked and signature services. In particular, Tracked parcel prices into France, Canada, and Poland will see significant (>10%) reductions

Removing the majority of temporary air carrier supplements: For the majority of destinations, they have removed the temporary air carrier supplements. As air capacity costs are currently forecast to become more stable in 2022 this has allowed Royal Mail to account for air costs (alongside other operational costs), in the business contract prices. Four destinations have retained separate air carrier supplements, where the forecast costs for air capacity are still not sufficiently predictable to accommodate them in normal pricing. 

The air carrier supplement will still apply to Tracked, Tracked & Signed, Signed and Untracked services to the following four countries:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Iceland
  • Israel

International Surcharge: Royal Mail introduced an International surcharge to help them respond to the impact of the volatile currency market on key cost areas for the business; fuel, conveyancing and International delivery charges. A flexible International surcharge enabled them to keep prices as low as possible while still able to react to future currency and fuel related cost changes.

Following favourable movements in Sterling exchange rates, we will be reducing this surcharge from 6.5% to 4%.

All considered this should result in a reduction in costs for most businesses as many of the covid related surcharges are being removed.

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