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Royal Mail Strike Called Off Due To The Queen’s Passing

Yesterday the Communication Workers Union (CWU) announced that they were calling off the planned Royal Mail strike for today out of respect for the Queen’s passing.

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The CWU made the following brief statement on their website and Twitter:

“Following the very sad news of the passing of the Queen and out of respect for her service to the country and her family, the union has decided to call off tomorrow’s planned strike action.

Further information and communications will follow.”

Royal Mail released a statement a couple of days ago before the next planned round of strike action stating how these actions were costing the company over £1 million a day.

“The CWU’s approach is setting us on a perilous path. Royal Mail is losing £ 1 million a day, and strike action has weakened our financial position. Further strikes will make it weaker still. Without meaningful engagement on the change that is needed from the CWU, the position of the company will worsen and put jobs at risk.

We remain ready to talk with the CWU to try and avert damaging industrial action and prevent further inconvenience for customers. But any talks must be about both change and pay. Change is the route to higher pay.

What Happens To Royal Mail Stamps Now The Queen has Passed?

As many are aware, the majority of stamps in the UK carry the Queen’s image. All red postboxes across the country also carry her coat of arms and the ER insignia. The ER is the royal cypher which in recent times has stood for Elizabeth Regina (Regina being the Latin word for Queen).

Royal Mail has also released a statement this morning to inform the public about what will happen over the coming weeks and months since the Queen has passed.

“Following the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Mail has confirmed that stamps bearing the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II remain valid for use.

These include Definitive stamps – regular ‘everyday’ stamps – and Special Stamps. As previously announced, following the introduction of barcodes to everyday stamps, these non-barcoded stamps remain valid until the end of January 2023. Full details of our Swap Out program can be found here. 

All Special Stamps that have already been announced will be issued, although the launch dates of some may change.

In line with past practice, following the death of a monarch, all existing post boxes will remain unchanged. Postboxes already in production or being prepared for installation will also retain the insignia of Queen Elizabeth II.

A gallery of GB stamps on which The Queen featured is available here: A life in stamps.

No further announcements on stamps will be made before the funeral, and then only at the appropriate time, after consultation with Buckingham Palace.

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