Royal Mail Strikes Called Off For Next 2 Weeks

In an update to the ongoing Royal Mail Pay dispute with its workers, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has called off its planned Strike action over the next two weeks. The CWU said on Sunday it had withdrawn walkouts due on the 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, and 10th of November.

The two sides are due to meet today for further talks and hopefully come to a resolution before the peak holiday season is affected.

The reason for calling off the strike action is unclear but it appears it could be due to the CWU not following the correct protocol when notifying Royal Mail of the intended strike action.

“The CWU has withdrawn strike action following Royal Mail writing to CWU to highlight numerous material concerns with the formal notification of planned rolling strike action. We will continue to do all we can to keep business, companies, and the country connected.” Royal Mail said in a statement

Workers Growing Tired of Ongoing Royal Mail Dispute

The CWU uploaded a video on Twitter explaining the ongoing situation. which you can see below:

What is interesting though is the number of comments underneath the tweet from workers who are seemingly growing tired of the ongoing dispute with nothing having changed so far.

Comments such as:

“I’m the local rep for Clacton on Sea DO. My colleagues are extremely disappointed, fuming tbh . However I understand the position we have taken. How do I go forward and explain this to members that have already lost £1000 striking”

“Their business plan is their business plan. What can the CWU run? They cannot even run a union with close to 250,000 member or more. What is the point of actions when you are just digging your grave and losing support from members and public. The changes are moderate imo. Defund”

Other workers are arguing that this is what Royal Mail wants and to cause infighting among the union and by holding strong they will eventually cave in and be forced to accept the deal being offered.

We will see how the talks develop that are happening today and whether further strike action will be announced closer to the Black Friday dates.

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