Parcel Postbox MP Nicky Morgan

Nicky Morgan MP has unveiled one of Leicestershire’s first parcel postboxes on Prince William Road, Loughborough LU11 5GU.

Earlier this year Royal Mail announced it would introduce the UK’s first-ever parcel postboxes in locations across the UK.

The launch of parcel postboxes across the UK will see Royal Mail convert existing meter boxes (c.1,400 in total) to accept parcels posted in the same way letters are today.

The postboxes include a wider aperture and secure design. The initiative follows a successful trial of the boxes in 2018.

Royal Mail’s first significant change of use for the postbox

This is the first time parcel postboxes are widely introduced in the UK and is the first significant change of use for the postbox since it was introduced 160 years ago.

The launch of parcel postboxes is also one of the most significant innovations in parcels since the start of Parcel Post in 1883.

The change means that small businesses and marketplace sellers can post pre-paid parcels through securely designed parcel postboxes, in the same way that they currently post a letter.

Customers will also be able to post some return parcels at any time, seven days a week.

“The introduction of the first parcel postboxes in Loughborough means that customers can now send parcels with pre-paid postage and their returns in the same way that they do letters. The new parcel postboxes provide added flexibility to online sellers who might be running a business in their spare time and not keeping regular office hours.”

Mark Street, Head of Campaigns at Royal Mail

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