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Royal Mail Postal Workers Threaten To Strike Over Plan To Make Them Work On Sundays

Royal Mail is facing a backlash from its postal workers and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) after it announced plans to start deliveries on a Sunday in order to compete with the likes of Amazon and DPD.

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At the moment, postal workers in the UK can volunteer to deliver parcels on Sundays, typically for online purchases from large retailers. However, Royal Mail wants to modernize the service by expanding it to include deliveries for small businesses and shoppers.

In return, Royal Mail proposed a two percent pay rise backdated to April 1 for staff, and a further 1.5 percent from the date when the changes are implemented. It is also offering a new ‘above-and-beyond’ bonus, worth up to two percent, for staff who hit their productivity targets.

Royal Mail Faces Tough Opposition From The CWU

Unfortunately for Royal Mail, their plan has not been received well and they now face a backlash from bosses at the CWU. They filed an emergency motion at their annual conference last week warning that unless pay demands are met there could be a walkout of more than 115,000 staff as early as next month.

The CWU wants a ‘no-strings’ deal in line with inflation, which currently sits at seven percent. With the current cost of living crisis taking place in the UK, the CWU wants to protect its workers from what it determines would be an unfair pay structure for the additional Sunday work.

“We know what our members have done through the pandemic, we know they deserve a pay rise – one that rewards them for what they’ve done, but also protects them from this cost-of-living crisis.”

“We are giving them one week, and if we’re not in sight of a no-strings pay award we’ll instigate the four-week resolution process at a national level.”

“They want to smash up this great public service and fill their pockets with gold. We have to fight with everything we’ve got.”

Terry Pullinger, Deputy General Secretary, CWU

Royal Mail has announced that they will be meeting with the CWU this week in a bid to avoid disruption and any industrial action.

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  1. I’m contracted to work a 37h a week, my job takes 1h 30m – 2 hours to prep, the delivery takes 5 hours and I’m supposed to get a 40min break. Work it out for yourself………

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