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Same Day Delivery Becoming More Important For eCommerce


Customers want to get their things as soon as possible, and this is where same day delivery looks to change the game for ecommerce sellers.

In modern society we live in a time of instant gratification, and one of the biggest challenges eCommerce faced when competing with the high street was nailing the instant part of the puzzle.

Products such as instant coffee are then made in order to meet that demand. That need to have things in an instant is now also coming in to eCommerce.

People who shop online don’t want to wait for a long time for their goods to be delivered, but want them to be at their house as soon as possible.

The same day delivery demand

This need to have goods delivered at the same day is changing eCommerce.

One of the countries leading to have this need for same day delivery is the UK.

In fact, the UK is the number one country that is seeking for same day delivery in eCommerce.

It beats both the U.S. and Australia for the number of people who want to have same day eCommerce delivery.  Which probably isn’t surprising due to the size and logistics challenges faced by larger countries.

52% of those surveyed say that they would choose a retailer that offers same day delivery service.

67% say that they’re willing to spend more if that would mean getting same day delivery. Delivery on the day you order is already being offered by some eCommerce sites such as Amazon.

The Amazon Effect

Amazon has changed the landscape of delivery for eCommerce once before and it looks set to do it once again.

Amazon Prime logo

When Amazon started offering free one day delivery as part of their Amazon Prime subscription, it changed the opinion of customers into thinking delivery didn’t have a cost.

In the UK after a year of Amazon doing this if a product wasn’t with you next day, then it was considered late.

This could be the same case again in the UK in a short period of time as more and more people have access to Prime which is now offering free same day delivery in some cities.

Start considering same day deliveries

Some sectors would definitely benefit from same day delivery. The food industry had a 17.6% increase, and having items arrive quickly is definitely needed when it comes to food.

Department stores and household goods also stand to benefit with the service. Some of the items that people want to have same day delivery are flowers, cakes, chocolate and even balloons.

With eCommerce and online shopping, same day delivery makes sense and is the logical next step to it.

With eCommerce growing, same day delivery will undoubtedly make a big impact on sales in years to come.

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