Seller Ledger Now Integrates with Etsy

Seller Ledger Launches for Etsy

Seller Ledger, a new accounting solution for marketplace sellers launched in March, is now available for Etsy sellers. “We are now officially multichannel,” the company said in a blog post announcing this new integration.

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The new bookkeeping solution was launched by Kevin Reeth, one of the original GoDaddy Bookkeeping founders when it was known as, is focused on making accounting simpler for micro and small businesses, especially on marketplaces.

While eBay was the natural starting point with the largest seller base, the expansion to add Etsy couldn’t be far behind. Seller Ledger now supports a direct integration with Etsy’s marketplace, bringing product sales, expenses, and fee information into its bookkeeping solution.

By default, Seller Ledger will import 90 days worth of transaction history when sellers connect to Etsy. The bookkeeping software will categorize income and expenses by default as follows:

  • Etsy: Order value -> Seller Ledger: Product Sales
  • Etsy: Shipping -> Seller Ledger: Shipping Collected
  • Etsy: Discount amount -> Seller Ledger: Discounts
  • Etsy: Refund amount -> Seller Ledger: Refunds
  • Etsy: Shipping Label -> Seller Ledger: Office expense
  • Etsy: Etsy fees -> Seller Ledger: Commissions & Fees

This simple default mapping can get many small sellers started.

Customize Seller Ledger

However, Seller Ledger also allows sellers to customize their mapping for eBay and Etsy fields, giving them the flexibility to personalize their bookkeeping processes according to their unique business needs.

This new Etsy integration is just the latest addition to Seller Ledger, supporting eBay, Etsy, PayPal, and most bank and credit cards, allowing sellers to focus on growing their sales instead of burdensome accounting.

Seller Ledger plans start at $10/month. There is a 30-day free trial available with no credit card required to get started.

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