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Seller Ledger Adds Three New Ways To Make Categorization Easier and More Efficient

One of the biggest remaining tasks that Seller Ledger has been working on is simplifying the ability to categorize all “uncategorized” transactions as quickly as possible. Today, the bookkeeping solution for small business sellers took a big step forward by announcing three changes.

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First, Seller Ledger added logic to cut down the descriptions received from banks and credit cards to shorter, more recognizable merchant and customer names.

Secondly, upon clicking on the dashboard button for “uncategorized” transactions or the “Uncategorized” filter button in the account view, a page is now presented that displays all uncategorized transactions grouped by merchant name or description and sorted by transaction count. This feature allows users to quickly categorize the largest group of uncategorized transactions.

Lastly, Seller Ledger has introduced the capability to choose multiple merchant names/descriptions to categorize various transaction groups simultaneously.

For instance, if a user purchases items from multiple vendors for resale, they can select all relevant merchants, click “Categorize,” choose “Cost of Goods Sold,” and complete the task at once.

Unfamiliar with Seller Ledger?

The company was launched earlier this year following the discontinuation of GoDaddy’s simplified bookkeeping service in 2022, which was popular among many small marketplace sellers.

Kevin Reeth, who co-founded the original GoDaddy Bookkeeping solution (formerly known as, realized that with GoDaddy shutting down its service, many sellers were left without an efficient and simple solution to manage their marketplace business.

In just a few months, Seller Ledger already supports eBay and Etsy, as well as PayPal and most debit/credit card accounts. And since it’s so new, Seller Ledger offers a no-obligation 30-day free trial, with no credit card necessary. Plans start at $10 per month.

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