Sellers Accepting eBay Payments Will Have to Wait Until Summer 2019 for Paypal


eBay posted an FAQ with Alyssa Cutright, Vice President of Payments at eBay going over the most pressing questions sellers have about the new eBay Payments system.

When eBay discussed eBay Payments at eBay Open 2018, it came to light that those sellers that opt-in the program would lose access to accept PayPal payments.

Many sellers on Facebook and other Internet community forums considered this single issue a non-starter to join the program. Now it appears for the first time we get an answer to that question, and it will probably cause more sellers to delay adoption of eBay Payments until they resolve this.

In the FAQ she said:

“Offering PayPal in a managed model requires a new integration for us, and it’s one we are working on now. We expect to make PayPal available in summer 2019.”

The summer of 2019 is a long time for sellers to take a chance on an unproven system to which no one knows how buyers will react to.

Can a Seller Opt-Out of eBay Payments?

In another tidbit from eBay Open 2018, it seems opting out of the initial phase was not an option that eBay would offer. Cutright doesn’t say those same exact words, but she also doesn’t really answer the question either.

“…we understand that every situation is unique, and we have developed a path for sellers to flag any issues or raise concerns with our Customer Support team to determine the best path forward for their business.”

There are other interesting details in the FAQ, but the answers we highlighted will probably cause sellers to take a longer pause on eBay Payments. And it is hard to blame anyone for resisting this step now with the holiday season coming up.

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  1. simplicity at best says:

    I am extremely disappointed at the “catching up” game that ebay is playing and the direction if any the company is heading to. Is trying to copy all possible things from Amazon from seller’s hub, checkout system, even the impossible ones like the ” 2 day guaranteed delivery” If they devoted half the energy in a long term plan to bring new users to the site and less in copying Amazon model and figuring out how to squeeze more juice out of their current sellers the site will be much better off. I am a Prime member at Amazon and I am sorry to say, Ebay can’t beat their service in any front, price wise sometimes but I dont think judging by Amazon sales this is a major issue for most buyers to save a few dollars more somewhere else.

    Richard’s article is very distressing and shows how little ebay cares for their sellers, if a sellers is lured into this new checkout system and probably knowing how ebay operate nowadays sellers will not be able go back to the old checkout and by buyers been unable to accept Paypal is obvious sales are going to suffer guaranteed, yet they dont care.

    For a lot of sellers ebay has become their only source of income and getting hit hard in sales by NO PAYPAL at checkout until mid 2019 is foul play by this once innovating and friendly e-commerce website. Corporate profits rule nowadays and their respective management bonuses.

    1. Very well said. Those who have been around eBay for the last 20 years know there have been changes, and most of those not for the better. They want to squeeze out every dollar from the seller. Most companies cave in as they grow larger, ignoring what made them successful in the first place.

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