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Sellers Beware – Delivery Reimbursement Scams Targeting Your Buyers

Christmas and the peak buying season is now behind most sellers but that doesn’t mean there is a reprieve in the delivery dramas brought about by Shipageddon.

Whilst the issues that sellers are facing are now not caused by overwhelmed couriers and delivery companies, but instead they are being targeted by sneaky fraudsters and scammers aiming to part unsuspecting buyers with their hard earned money.

Tech savvy scammers have unleashed the latest ‘phishing’ campaign by trying to trick buyers still waiting on deliveries into thinking they are emails or text messages from USPS, UPS, FedEx and even Amazon.

Over recent years phishing scams have become more and more convincing with the untrained eye being able to tell a phoney communication apart from a genuine one.

From a sellers point of view this could potentially give their sellers a bad experience as ultimately every experience post sale is going to be tied to that product purchase.

The latest from FedEx, UPS, and Amazon is that they have said they never send out communications asking for you to verify who you are and also that they’re far too busy right now to send out unsolicited refunds.

With this in mind it could be good practice as a seller to send out a communication to those buyers which have the potential to be affected by these phishing attempts to pre warn them about the current scam and instead provide them with genuine information or confirmed contact information for the relevant courier service for any available update on their delivery.

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