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Sellers Unsure at eBay’s Easy Pricing

Recently eBay announced their new Easy Pricing feature and so far it doesn’t seem to have been well received by buyers.

We first reported eBay experimenting with sellers pricing back in March when it had been reported eBay had allowed buyers to make ‘Best Offers’ on a sellers listings.

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It looks like Easy Pricing is the route they have decided to take on this as opposed to getting involved with Best Offers.

The new marketplace feature, which is optional until eBay says so, automatically lowers the Buy It Now price of an item by 5% every five days until it sells.

A user saw this message from eBay when they re-listed their items:

“Make sure your item gets sold. Starting 10 days after listing, we’ll lower the price (5% every 5 days) until your item sells or gets to $5.39. We’ll notify buyers who showed interest each time the price drops. Turn it off anytime by going to your listing.”

eBay’s Easy Pricing in Real Life

Whilst most items that an eCommerce business will list will be sold sooner than 10 days, it isn’t unheard of to have those problem SKU’s which just don’t get the traction right away.

It is these products which will now be flagged by eBay and the seller will be offered to ‘Turn on Easy Pricing’

Even if a seller can choose between “Turn on Easy Pricing” or “Maybe next time” many sellers still believe that Easy Pricing poses a big problem as it would prompt shoppers to wait until everything is dirt cheap before making a purchase.

This will potentially hurt their profits, especially if the price floor of eBay is much lower than the actual value of the item that they’re selling.

The positive side is for those who may have been watching your item, will get a notification letting them know the price has dropped which would of course see an increase in conversion from those customers close to hitting the buy button.

The majority of eBay sellers it seems are going to opt out of the Easy Pricing scheme, but others say increasing their Buy It Now price will help reduce the impact it may have on their business.

From my own point of view I would rather see a tool that would educate a seller to improve their listings, such as keyword suggestions or missing item specifics, rather than just cutting the price.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it a good move by eBay, or are they getting too involved when it comes to the price of your items? Let us know down below or in the Facebook Group.

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  1. eBay is getting too involved in the pricing of my items!!!!! If they want to add a place where someone can make an offer on my item, That’s Great! I need to have control over the prices of my items! In case eBay forgot…..If it wasn’t for us sellers, they would have NO BUSINESS! You can have all the buyers in the world, but guess what? If you have nothing to sell…..you have NO Business! eBay…..Take care of your sellers!! Stop screwing with us all the time!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I think eBay at times seems to test ideas without really informing sellers of the tests or the parameters of the test. On one end, they are much better communicating today than say 5 years ago, but on the other hand it seems there are still rolling out features or marketing trials without any warning.

      eBay is not going to run out of sellers and for some items or categories one could argue they have too many. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t communicate. Too often we hear about policy changes or test that just pop-up out of nowhere with little communication about them.


  2. At this point, I’m just really annoyed by the prompt each time I list or revise my item. I just want the prompt to go away and never come back.

    1. Hey Colin,

      Absolutely…I’m getting annoyed at all these damn ‘accept cookie’ popups these days here in the EU after GDPR, the fact that there isn’t an ability to turn the prompts off will get annoying fast


  3. Actually I kind of like the feature. Whether EBay likes it or not EBay is no longer an auction site. Amazon has changed the dynamics of what you can call “Buy it Now” along with 2 day shipping. They have proven that people’s impatience and “I Want it Now” is working for them and it continues to grow. For me Easy Pricing helps me start out at a higher price and then let’s the feature find the floor for me. I think eventually it will go away. I’m assuming that if you did the research that this feature works best on used items where sometimes demand is difficult to predict. So many sellers have cut their margins so low and reduced shipping to free it is making it difficult for us smaller fish. That’s competition alright but not really healthy for EBay. They are forcing out what used to be the bread and butter of Ebay.

    1. I think more people will just wait until the price drops. I’m trying to switch it off of an already listed item, as ebay says you can, but it hasnt updated

  4. I have no problem with it. As a long time eBay seller I use the feature on select items.

    Items that a seller has little cost in and can afford a decent drop in price while increasing their sell thru rate and still gaining a good profit are ideal for this feature.

    Popular items that sale faster during trends or are high in demand I wouldn’t use it on.

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