Sendle Carbon Neutral Delivery Service Now Available on ShipRush Shipping Platform

Sendle had partnered with ShipRush to enable thousands of small business online merchants in the United States to access 100% carbon-neutral delivery. 

The integration will help small businesses thrive online, by offering more choice and a seamless all-in-one selling and shipping experience.

Sendle is the first 100% carbon neutral delivery partner on the ShipRush platform, giving increasingly eco-conscious small businesses access to sustainable shipping.

During a time when traditional shipping charges are becoming inaccessible to small businesses, Sendle and ShipRush share a commitment to giving small businesses access to the eCommerce shipping tools they need to operate like larger businesses, without the cost.

“We are always striving to provide more value for our customers. Adding the world’s first fully sustainable shipping company gives our customers options when they are fulfilling their shipments.”

Richard McNish, General Manager at ShipRush

As a Certified B Corp, Sendle empowers a world where what is good for business, is good for the planet. The company removes the barriers to starting and running a business so anyone can succeed while still considering the environment, economy and society in their decision making.

“Like Sendle, ShipRush is focused on leveraging technology to help small businesses run a seamless eCommerce operation and compete against big business. We’re excited to team up with ShipRush to pursue our shared vision of leveling the playing field and giving small businesses the tools they need to thrive.”

James Chin Moody, CEO and Co-Founder of Sendle

Sendle Keeps Expanding in the US Through Partnerships

The partnership with ShipRush follows successful integrations Sendle launched with Odoro, Kidizen, Etsy and SquareSpace as it moves towards becoming fully integrated into all key parts of the small business eCommerce ecosystem in the United States.

Sendle was originally founded in 2015 in Australia and opened its American operations in November of 2019. Last year, the company raised $35 million in Series C funding to fuel its US expansion, which now includes affordable Next-Day and 2-Day delivery service options across 8 Western states.

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