Sendle Expands Canadian Operations With Over 300 New Parcel Drop-Off Locations

Sendle has announced a significant expansion of its services in Canada by establishing over 300 new parcel drop-off points across Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, aiming to support the needs of Canadian small businesses.

Sendle’s strategic expansion comes at a time when convenience and cost-effectiveness are paramount for small enterprises as they enter the busy holiday season.

The carrier’s entry into the Canadian market has already seen a positive response, with a 500% uptick in the use of its drop-off service since the initial launch in Toronto earlier this summer.

Unlike traditional services such as Canada Post, Sendle offers a transparent pricing model with no hidden fees, minimum spend, or additional charges for flexibility.

Lauren Helstab, Sendle’s Country Manager for Canada, emphasized this advantage, stating, “You have to pay more for flexibility with Canada Post, but not with Sendle.”

This approach aligns with the company’s commitment to offering the lowest parcel delivery prices in Canada, ensuring small businesses can access affordable logistics services without compromising on convenience.

Sendle Added Drop-Off Options Due to Seller Feedback

In response to customer feedback, Sendle introduced the drop-off option, which ranked second on the list of features requested by small businesses, following the rollout of cross-border delivery services to the United States in April.

These accessible drop-off points, including 24/7 operating locations like retail and convenience stores, cater to business owners’ diverse schedules and preferences, offering them an alternative to door-to-door service when necessary.

Sendle’s commitment to the Canadian market goes beyond flexible parcel delivery options.

Helstab highlighted the company’s recently launched Peak Relief program, “We lowered all our rates – which now start from $6.65 – and committed to no peak surcharges for the remainder of 2023 while Canada Post increased their rates by more than 3%.”

This initiative aligns with Sendle’s vision of fostering a thriving environment for small businesses recognizing their challenges, especially during peak seasons.

Looking ahead, Sendle anticipates further expansion into other Canadian regions, including Calgary and Edmonton, to provide more comprehensive coverage and service.

“As Sendle continues to expand our network and service in Canada, small businesses can count on us to provide the most cost-effective, tailored parcel delivery services, ensuring their unique needs are met,” Helstab asserts, encouraging small businesses to explore beyond traditional delivery services this holiday season.

The expansion into Canada underscores Sendle’s pledge to be a reliable partner for small businesses, offering them the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

With plans in motion and a focus on convenience and affordability, Sendle is poised to become the go-to choice for Canadian entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the demands of the modern ecommerce landscape.

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