Sendle Launches Shipping from Canada to United States

Sendle Canada Launches New Discounted Shipping to the U.S.

Sendle announces that Canadian small businesses now have a new shipping option to expand into the U.S. ecommerce market, reduce parcel delivery expenses, and increase their business.

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Responding to customers’ complaints about the exorbitant shipping rates from Canada Post, Sendle now offers the most economical tracked, door-to-door solution for shipping from Canada to the U.S.

Starting at $7.98, Sendle’s U.S. shipping service includes free pick-up from the sender’s location and automatic coverage for every eligible shipment of up to $100, relieving Canadian small businesses of additional concerns. Moreover, every delivery is completely carbon-neutral, without any additional charges.

Free pick-up is offered at 99% of Canadian addresses, covering all provinces and territories, with delivery available throughout the U.S.

Exorbitant shipping costs have long disadvantaged Canadian small businesses. According to Statistics Canada, the excessively high cost of parcel delivery is the most significant obstacle facing Canadian businesses selling online, with 39% citing it as a primary concern.

In September 2022, Sendle launched in Canada, offering small businesses the first national shipping option tailored to their needs, providing an affordable, dependable, and environmentally friendly door-to-door service.

However, the challenge of costly shipping for Canadian small businesses is not limited to domestic shipments; it also hinders those seeking to expand by venturing into the U.S. ecommerce market, projected to surpass $1.7 trillion by 2027.

One out of every five Canadian small businesses utilizing Sendle expressed a need for cheaper shipping to the U.S., and even requested to participate in Sendle’s beta program for shipping to the U.S. ahead of the official launch.

“From the day Sendle launched, we’ve been committed to challenging the functional postal monopoly in Canada in the name of small business,” said Lauren Helstab, Sendle’s country manager in Canada.

“High parcel delivery prices are holding Canadian online retailers back from competing in the U.S., which is the second-biggest ecommerce market in the world, and that’s not right.

“Given the U.S. is our neighbor, it should be the easiest market for Canadian small businesses to expand into compared to any other country, and that’s why we are making shipping to the U.S. easier, cheaper, and better for them.

“We are confident that they won’t find a better rate for door-to-door shipping to the U.S. Plus, small businesses and their customers can feel good that their shipments are 100% carbon-neutral, and tracked, at no extra charge.”

Sendle Opens Opportunities

The exorbitant cost of shipping can result in Canadian online retailers losing sales to U.S. customers. For instance, research indicates that nearly eight in ten (79%) Americans would not pay more than US $8 for delivery of an online purchased product.

Therefore, Canadian small businesses are disadvantaged from the outset due to Canada’s operational postal monopoly, which charges over CAD $13 (~US $9.47) to ship to the U.S. with their tracked service.

Sendle’s new shipping service will help level the playing field for Canadian small businesses by providing the most economical door-to-door shipping service from Canada to the U.S. that is fast, reliable, and tracked.

By leveraging its network of regional and national shipping partners, Sendle offers Canadian small businesses the most competitive pricing, starting as low as CAD $7.98 (~US $5.82).

And because Sendle provides transparent and affordable courier pricing, there will be no undisclosed costs or unpleasant surprises.

Canadian customers can now utilize Sendle’s U.S. shipping service through the Sendle Dashboard, an efficient online tool that enables shippers to monitor, reschedule deliveries, and import their orders from various platforms, including Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and many others.

“With inflation driving up the cost of doing business on pretty much every front, Canadian small businesses deserve a shipping partner that provides services built with their needs in mind, including affordable shipping so they can grow their business. That’s what we are committed to doing,” adds Helstab.

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