Sendle Canada Black Friday Promotion

Sendle Promo in Canada Offers Shippers $1 Parcel Delivery for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Sendle launched a shipping promotion that enables small business customers to ship Black Friday and Cyber Monday parcels for $1.

The offer aims to offset the high cost of shipping that leads nearly two-thirds of Canadians to abandon their online shopping carts at checkout. It also helps small businesses keep more of their hard-earned money. 

With record-setting inflation and ongoing pandemic recovery, small businesses simply can’t afford to continue paying unfair shipping rates—or pass those costs along to their customers.

“Black Friday marks the start of what is traditionally the busiest time of year for small businesses, and we want our customers to win big this season,” said Lauren Helstab, Sendle’s country manager for Canada.

“With consumer expectations for free shipping at an all-time high, $1 shipping helps small businesses take on the retail giants and drive even more sales during this critical holiday shopping period. As a result, Sendle customers can retain more of their earnings and grow their business.”

Sendle Promo Introduces Canadian Small Businesses to a Competitive and Convenient Shipping Choice

Sendle debuted in Canada earlier this fall. Its mission is to level the playing field for small businesses to compete with bigger retailers by bringing more choice and competition to the Canadian shipping industry.

With flat-fee shipping rates that are up to 88% lower than Canada Post, Sendle makes parcel delivery more affordable for Canadian small businesses and consumers alike.

Sendle offers free pickups with no hidden fees, subscriptions, or minimums required and provides customers with direct access to its world-class support team.

Moreover, Sendle taps existing shipping providers and fills their vehicles to make every trip as efficient as possible, reducing the environmental impact of shipping.

The company, which has been 100% carbon neutral since its founding, then purchases carbon offsets for every single package it sends.

To qualify for the promotion, customers must book one shipment with Sendle on or before November 18. The offer is valid from 12:01 am ET on November 25, 2022 through 11:59 pm ET on November 30, 2022.

Both existing and new Sendle customers in Canada are eligible for this offer. There is no fee to join the Sendle shipping service.

Sendle is the first 100% carbon-neutral shipping carrier in Australia, the US, and Canada, and a Certified B Corporation. The company was launched in Australia in 2014 and has headquarters in Sydney, Australia, Seattle, Washington, and Toronto, Canada.

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