Easyship and Sendle Partner To Offer Accessible, Sustainable Shipping for SMBs in the U.S. and Canada

Sendle and Easyship have expanded their collaboration to provide sustainable and competitively priced parcel delivery services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States and Canada, following its success in Australia.

Effective immediately, Sendle’s 100% carbon-neutral, door-to-door delivery services are available to businesses utilizing Easyship’s complimentary ecommerce shipping software in these regions.

Research indicates that despite inflation making online shoppers increasingly price-sensitive, over 86% still prioritize sustainable shipping.

The partnership amalgamates Sendle’s economical shipping rates and its reliable, carbon-neutral delivery networks across the U.S. and Canada with Easyship’s comprehensive shipping management tool.

This tool, laden with automation and checkout features, is designed to enhance conversions and enable businesses to navigate the challenging ecommerce landscape effectively.

Laura Hill, Chief Partnerships Officer at Sendle, highlighted the timeliness of the partnership expansion, noting, “Inflation is exerting remarkable pressure on smaller ecommerce businesses, and the last thing they need right now are additional costs.”

She emphasized that despite the general rise in shipping prices, Sendle has reduced its prices in Canada to further assist customers in saving.

Hill also underscored the dual benefit of sustainable shipping, stating it is not only ecologically beneficial but also a differentiator for SMBs competing against major ecommerce entities.

Sendle operates its delivery network by utilizing existing shipping providers, maximizing vehicle capacity to ensure each route is both efficient and profitable. The savings garnered through this model are subsequently passed on to Sendle’s customers.

How Sendle Reduces Environmental Impact of Shipping

To mitigate the remaining carbon emissions and address the environmental impact of each parcel sent, Sendle purchases carbon offsets and invests in numerous environmental projects globally. From its inception, Sendle has maintained its status as a Certified B Corp and is also Climate Neutral Certified.

In a climate of rising costs and a pronounced customer preference for sustainable shipping, the expanded partnership between Sendle and Easyship aims to provide SMBs in the U.S. and Canada with a viable, eco-friendly, and economical shipping alternative.

This move is particularly pertinent in the current ecommerce environment, where businesses are grappling with the dual challenge of navigating economic pressures while also meeting the sustainability expectations of consumers.

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