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Sendle Increases Rates for 2022 – Adds Simple Returns Feature


Sendle has launched a returns service and will increase prices for existing (those who joined the service before January 10, 2022) customers on Thursday, February 10 the company announced in a series of emails to customers.

Merchants who joined the shopping platform in the last few weeks have been paying higher rates, but existing customers were given a one-month reprieve from the rate hike until this Thursday.

Sendle utilizes the US Postal Service primarily to transport packages via a flat rate pricing structure which is different from USPS. In January, the Postal Service adjusted most of their parcel rates, including its flat rates, and just as last year, Sendle is adjusting its shipping rates a few weeks later.

The shipping company’s pricing strategy is somewhat different from USPS Flat Rate pricing as it does not require shippers to use specific boxes. For each ‘Sendle Package Size’ rate, there is a maximum size and weight and as long as the package does not exceed either, it will ship for the quoted rates.

Sendle currently uses five packages sizes which are Micro, Mini, Small, Medium, and Large. The new 2022 Sendle Standard rates and benefits are shown in this table.

Sendle 2022 Standard Rate Chart

Additional discounts may be available for higher volume shippers through its Sendle Premium and Sendle Pro plans which are solely based on volume. The company does not charge a subscription fee.

Sendle Makes Managing Returns Easier

With online shoppers increasingly expecting online merchants to offer free returns before making a buying decision, Sendle is giving shippers a new and easier way to quickly generate return labels through their dashboard.

Returns will still require the customer to drop off the package as on-demand pick-up is not available. But that matches the returns experience for shoppers at most online stores.

The new feature enables online merchants to track returns and best of all, shippers are not charged for the return label unless the customer uses it to ship the item back to the merchant.

Sendle Expansion in the US

Sendle originally started in Australia where it also offers international services. In the US, the company still only serves the domestic market but keeps expanding its service.

Last year, Sendle partnered with regional delivery courier GLS to offer faster and affordable shipping on the West Coast. Also, the company did not pass on the surcharges added by the US Postal Service during the 2021 holiday season, giving small sellers a financial break during the important sales season.

In its 2021 review post, the company highlighted its growth and offered a few small hints about what is coming this year as it will continue to expand its services and features in the US and its home country Australia.

Sendle is a 100% carbon-neutral delivery service.

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