Introducing Sendle's Fast and Reliable 3-Day Delivery Service, Now Available Across the USA.

Sendle Introduces Three-Day Guaranteed, a Game-Changing Shipping Service for Small Businesses

To beef up its shipping services tailored for small businesses, Sendle has unveiled the latest addition to its portfolio – Sendle Three-Day Guaranteed.

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This new expedited shipping service promises reliable and cost-effective package delivery, offering a competitive alternative to industry giant United Parcel Service (UPS) for swift, national shipments.

With this development, small businesses across the United States can leverage Sendle’s extensive national network for more efficient deliveries, saving valuable time and money.

With Sendle Three-Day Guaranteed, small businesses now have the opportunity to have their goods swiftly picked up from their doorstep and delivered in three business days or less, anywhere within the U.S., without any additional fees or contractual commitments. The service also doesn’t impose any minimum pick-up quantity requirements.

Should a package not reach its destination within the stipulated timeframe, Sendle guarantees a refund of the delivery cost, no questions asked. The new service includes package tracking and $150 insurance coverage, with the added benefit of being 100% carbon-neutral at no extra expense.

According to James Chin Moody, the CEO and co-founder of Sendle, the company aims to revolutionize the logistics industry by offering small businesses more choices and fairer pricing for parcel delivery.

He believes that this new offering is a “game-changing alternative to UPS that is guaranteed to get goods delivered in three days or less, at an unbeatable price.”

Moody emphasizes that Sendle’s mission is to liberate small businesses from logistical burdens, allowing them to concentrate on core aspects of their operations.

By providing efficient and affordable shipping, Sendle is “empowering small businesses to thrive,” and Moody promises “even greater innovations from us as we relentlessly fight for the success of small businesses.”

Sendle Service Options for Small Businesses

The newly launched Sendle Three-Day Guaranteed service complements the company’s existing shipping options: Sendle Saver, known for its best value, and Sendle Preferred, offering delivery within one to five days.

The addition of the Three-Day Guaranteed service means that customers can now enjoy the same reliable service at an even faster pace.

Sendle ensures a seamless end-to-end journey for every parcel shipped, backed by dedicated customer service provided by real people. Customers can also take advantage of an intuitive online dashboard, allowing them to easily track and reschedule deliveries.

Small businesses in the U.S. can immediately access the Sendle Three-Day Guaranteed service starting at just $4.59 by signing up on

With this game-changing shipping option, Sendle aims to further support and empower small businesses as they continue to grow and succeed in today’s competitive market.

In addition, Sendle is making its Three-Day Guaranteed service available to shipping and ecommerce platforms through its new Digital Partner Program (DPP), which was also unveiled alongside the service.

This program offers more opportunities for businesses to integrate Sendle’s innovative shipping solutions into their operations.

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