Sendle Introduces 2-Day Guaranteed Shipping Across the USA!

Sendle Empowers Small Businesses With New Two-Day Guaranteed National Delivery Service


Sendle has unveiled its latest offering, Sendle Two-Day Guaranteed. This new service promises to provide small businesses in the United States with an advantage over their competitors, offering fast national package delivery with prices starting at $8.48.

The introduction of the carrier’s Two-Day Guaranteed comes shortly after the successful launch of Sendle’s Three-Day Guaranteed service. With the Two-Day Guaranteed option, the company aims to cater to the needs of its small business sellers even more efficiently.

Small businesses using this service can expect their parcels to be delivered anywhere in the U.S. within two business days, all without any additional fees or contractual obligations.

Furthermore, Sendle promises a refund to the small business if the delivery is not made within the promised timeframe, no questions asked.

This new service also includes tracking and a $150 insurance coverage, with the added benefit of being 100% carbon-neutral at no extra cost. And there is no minimum pick-up quantity requirement, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes.

“As a company that is always moving quickly to provide the best services to address the needs of the small business market, we are proud to have introduced two new services this month that position us as a very strong challenger to UPS – including a fast and reliable two-day package delivery service that doesn’t cost a pretty penny,” said Tom Byun, Sendle’s President for North America.

Byun also emphasized the importance of having a diversified parcel delivery solution like Sendle, especially after facing the potential challenges posed by industry disruptions such as the threat of a nationwide UPS strike.

Sendle Supports Small Business Shippers With Extense Delivery Options

The new Sendle Two-Day Guaranteed service (Continental U.S. only) complements the company’s existing national package delivery options designed specifically for small businesses.

These include Sendle Saver, known for its value-driven shipping rates, and Sendle Preferred, offering delivery within one to five days.

With a commitment to providing excellent customer service and user-friendly online tools, the carrier takes care of the entire journey of every parcel, making it a trusted choice for many businesses.

Sendle’s strategic approach to enhancing its services showcases its determination to become a formidable competitor to UPS, further solidifying its position in the ever-evolving logistics industry.

Small businesses, particularly online marketplace sellers and retailers can now find reassurance in Sendle’s solutions, ensuring smooth operations regardless of any potential disruptions that may lie ahead.

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