Sendle No Peak Holiday Season Surcharges

Sendle announced it would not add any surcharges to its shipping services this holiday season, bucking a trend in the shipping industry led by USPS, FedEx and UPS.

“This holiday season, when you ship with Sendle, you’ll be shipping with absolutely no surcharges, no hidden fees, and no pesky surprises. What you see is what you get,” Sendle said in an email to current users.

Sendle has mostly relied on USPS to transport packages, but recently raised $35 million to grow its shipping platform in the US and partnered with GLS to expand its service options on the West Coast.

The company services all address in the US, including US Post Boxes and domestic military bases. It does not offer international shipping (including international military and diplomatic shipping) and it has size and weight restrictions that may not make the all-around solution carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS offer.

Sendle Focuses on Key Market

While Sendle may not offer a service for every package or situation, it focuses on a key small parcel market that should cover many common shipping situations.

Currently, Sendle will only accept packages up to 20 lbs. and with a maximum dimension of 864 cubic inches. See this link for more details on Sendle’s weight and size limits. Its pricing structure has some similarities to USPS Flat Rate Mail, but without the need for special boxes.

Because it simplifies shipping by categorizing parcels into specific size and weight maximums, Sendle can offer a more predictable and affordable shipping solution for sellers.

Sendle has also been promoting itself as being the first shipping carrier in the US to offer carbon-neutral shipping by offsetting the carbon emissions of shipments through investments in environmental projects. This can be a nice selling point, especially for sellers which sell eco-friendly products.

The company’s US operations are still in the early stages but appears to be growing rapidly.

Sendle has expanded its service in Australia already to include heavier parcels and international destinations. It is also developing an express service called Sendle Express down under. Presumably, there are similar plans in the US to grow its service to provide more options to American shippers.

The company’s biggest news so far for 2021 is that it won’t charge extra during peak season.

Through this initiative, Sendle is addressing a major pain point for small sellers, which should expand its user base dramatically. And that should spur more services and innovation in 2022 and beyond to hold on to those new users.

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