Shipbob State of eCommerce fulfillment report 2022

ShipBob Releases 2022 State of eCommerce Fulfillment Report


ShipBob, the leading global omnifulfillment platform, today announced the release of their first-ever 2022 State of eCommerce Fulfillment Report, highlighting how eCommerce brands are approaching expansion and adapting their fulfillment strategies this year.

ShipBob’s 2022 State of Ecommerce Fulfillment Report comes at a time when there have never been more eCommerce IPOs and online/offline sales and marketing channels for direct-to-consumer brands to navigate. Alongside the eCommerce industry’s impressive growth in 2022, the number of new brands launching globally has also skyrocketed, making competition for consumers even more fierce and unpredictable — especially in the face of supply chain issues, labor shortages, and port congestion delays.

One section of the report looks at various global shopping and shipping trends, keying in on the importance of free shipping and how brands are approaching global expansion to reach a wider audience. ShipBob also documents the surge in online shopping during the pandemic and details how brands plan to grow globally, specifically calling out key 2022 global expansion trends, such as:

  • Approximately 56% of brands plan to either ship or fulfill orders from new countries in 2022.
  • 32% of brands will start physically fulfilling orders in new countries in 2022.

ShipBob Report – The Fundamental Changes

The 2022 State of eCommerce Fulfillment Report also underscores the fundamental changes from 2020 to 2021 affecting the eCommerce, supply chain, and fulfillment industries by keying in on shipping trends over the past year. The report dives into expectations for 2022 and beyond, and touches on the most important eCommerce brand priorities for the year and how they are likely to play an even more impactful role in the years to come.

ShipBob also looks at rebounded time-in-transit performance from shipping carriers and how deliveries are back to pre-COVID timelines — key information for the eCommerce industry in 2022 and beyond. ShipBob is able to compile a vast amount of shipping carrier data by aggregating the tens of millions of shipments they process for thousands of brands each year.

“In 2022, we are really seeing shopper expectations grow and matureNow, more than ever before, it is crucial for brands to go above and beyond to delight their consumers who are now adamant about the high-level, nearly flawless execution of the shipping/fulfillment service they deserve. With this data report, we want to highlight these trends while also showing brands how to provide a personalized and effective purchase and post-purchase experience when utilizing best-in-class supply chain capabilities.”

Dhruv Saxena, Co-Founder & CEO, ShipBob

The data report, based on insights from a ShipBob survey along with proprietary data from the millions of orders it fulfills across five countries, provides an expansive overview of the industry while showcasing multiple data points on how retailers are adapting their strategies this year, including:

  • More than 70% of brands will add new sales channels in 2022.
  • Despite supply chain setbacks, more than 62% of brands expect their revenue to grow by more than 25% in 2022.
  • In the US, 35% of all ecommerce orders and GMV are in 4 states: California, Texas, New York and Florida.

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