ShipEngine launches ShipEngine for Platforms

ShipEngine Launches ‘ShipEngine for Platforms’ To Enhance Shipping for Ecommerce Platforms

ShipEngine has introduced ‘ShipEngine for Platforms,’ a game-changing solution designed to help ecommerce platforms integrate shipping functions seamlessly.

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This advancement aims to improve the shipping experience for merchants and boost the competitiveness of ecommerce platforms.

ShipEngine for Platforms enables ecommerce platforms to quickly add efficient shipping tools into their existing systems. This upgrade promises to enhance the shipping process for merchants, seamlessly woven into their regular product workflows, without needing custom software development.

Developing a shipping system for platforms is usually complex and costly. It often requires assembling teams of developers, managers, and designers, along with committing to ongoing maintenance and support.

In contrast, merchants who use these platforms are looking for ways to refine their shipping to meet online shoppers’ demands for fast and affordable deliveries. By skipping built-in shipping capabilities, platforms risk losing clients to external solutions that offer comprehensive order handling.

The introduction of ShipEngine for Platforms is a step towards seamless order fulfillment and shipping functions, combined with access to lower rates, seamlessly integrated into the merchant interfaces they are used to.

For ecommerce platforms, this means customers won’t need to go to other sources for order fulfillment, and it also strengthens their businesses for the future without the high costs of building an in-house shipping system.

Albert Ko, CEO of Auctane, ShipEngine’s parent brand, explained that the company wants to help platforms provide excellent ecommerce experiences.

He added, “Shipping is a crucial part of ecommerce, and by partnering with ShipEngine, platforms can offer shipping experiences within their solutions, avoid the complexity of creating their own shipping tools, and focus on helping merchants sell products.”

ShipEngine for Platforms – Easy to Implement

Central to ShipEngine for Platforms is the use of ShipEngine Elements, the easy-to-use web components made by ShipEngine.

These components allow businesses to smoothly integrate useful shipping features, such as checking addresses, comparing rates, selecting shipping services, and printing labels, into their systems without needing complex design and engineering work.

ShipEngine is known for its multi-carrier shipping platform, serving ecommerce stores, logistics providers, system integrators, and new app developers.

The platform is designed for developers, offering tools like real-time label creation, rate comparisons, parcel tracking, and address validation. ShipEngine supports various carriers across the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia, including big names like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

As part of the Auctane family of companies and headquartered in Austin, TX, ShipEngine is at the forefront of changing how shipping fits into the ecommerce world.

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