ShipHero Expands Into B2B Fulfillment With Help of SPS Commerce

ShipHero, the leading shipping, and logistics provider for over 5,000 eCommerce brands and 3PLs, announces today its latest integration partnership with SPS Commerce a company that empowers simplified data collaboration in the retail supply chain in order to strengthen the essential processes needed for its customers to operate efficiently. The partnership enables ShipHero to scale its industry-leading DTC inventory and warehouse management software (WMS) into B2B markets for the first time in the company’s history.

SPS Commerce enables trading partners to work together seamlessly, accelerates products-to-shelf, and allows for global collaboration ultimately allowing customers to access and leverage needed data to scale their business and grow sales.

ShipHero & SPS Commerce Integration

In turn, ShipHero customers will be able to avoid costly issues such as chargebacks and shipment rejections by gaining a better understanding of how their retail network works together to ultimately meet the consumer where and how they want to buy, and when they receive their products. The result is a more functional and connected supply chain for wholesale retail customers and a seamless omnichannel experience for consumers.

“Our latest integration with SPS is a milestone as we work to further strengthen the end-to-end experience for our customers across all areas of warehouse management and fulfillment,”

“In order to continue to innovate for our customers, it’s imperative for us to develop technology that easily works with other platforms. We don’t want our services to be seen as a roadblock to our customers’ success, which is why expanding into B2B retail with SPS Commerce as our partner is the next logical step.”

Aaron Rubin, CEO & Founder, ShipHero.

Other features of this direct integration include helping merchants make wholesale shipments easy to manage, meet compliance guidelines, get optimized picking routes and take advantage of tactics such as drop shipping.

“We’re proud to partner with ShipHero in order to continue to expand the benefits of the SPS solutions and meet our customers where they are,”

“Our business is built on data and insights, and integrations such as our newest with ShipHero enable us to better serve all areas of the global supply chain.”

Mark O’Leary, CMO, SPS Commerce.

Since its inception, ShipHero has set the industry standard for warehouse management software and fulfillment services for leading DTC brands. With the addition of SPS Commerce to its growing suite of warehouse management integrations, ShipHero can now offer its services to enterprise, B2B brands looking to streamline their operations and strengthen their supply chain.

The SPS Commerce integration is available now to all ShipHero SaaS customers.

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