ShippingEasy, a leading provider of cloud-based shipping, inventory management, and customer marketing solutions for eCommerce sellers, has won the All-Star Service Team of the Year – Small Business Award presented by the National Customer Service Association (NCSA).

Founded in 1996, the National Customer Service Association is a membership organization which equips its members with the information and skills to build and nurture enduring customer relationships.

The All-Star Awards recognize businesses that provide outstanding service on a consistent basis to all their customers.

ShippingEasy was praised for their unique customer service, living their mission and values, and regularly going beyond the normal service expectations.

“One of the key factors in ShippingEasy’s evolution into a one-solution e-commerce hub for order management, fulfillment, shipping, inventory management, and email marketing is world-class customer service.”

Katie May, ShippingEasy’s CEO

The company supports their customers with trained experts across a broad across a broad eCommerce spectrum.

That level of support coupled with always going the extra mile for their customers allowed ShippingEasy to win the All-Star Award.

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The ShippingEasy’s customer service team offers exceptional support including:

  • Helping customers use ShippingEasy to their greatest advantage.
  • Providing useful, rapid-response technical support.
  • Developing flexible solutions that can be adapted to thousands of different customers’
  • Communicating with product and development teams to improve features and functionality based on user feedback.
  • Escalating unresolved issues while maintaining ownership of issues through resolution.

“Your program is the best shipping platform for all shipping needs. The cherry on top is your customer service. It is the only online support that provides quick and knowledgeable support on the entire web. By far surpasses anyone else’s customer service I’ve ever used.”

Supreme Sales Inc., ShippingEasy Customer

By winning the award, ShippingEasy demonstrates that customer service is key to success. The company’s shipping and inventory services provide small businesses with the tools to provide exceptional customer experiences to its clients.

Nothing is more frustrating to an eCommerce customer if the merchant they purchased from blames its vendor for not providing proper support or timely information.

ShippingEasy’s mission to always excel in customer support provides small business merchant the confidence the company will stand behind their services to help its clients grow their businesses.

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