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ShippingEasy Releases 2018 Rate Change Guide for eCommerce Merchants

It should come to no one’s surprise that shipping rates are going up. UPS and FedEx announced rate increases back in October, with UPS rates going up first this weekend.

And USPS made an announcement that impacts flat rate Priority Shipping rates (and first class mail), but there is a possibility of more to come during the year as the PRC just recommended further increases in USPS rates for the next five years.

Regardless which carrier you use, you are likely impacted by these increases. And if you had an outstanding holiday season, this may be the time to contact your UPS or FedEx representative to negotiate better rates.

ShippingEasy developed a guide for eCommerce merchants to compare rate increases and use that information to finetune their shipping strategy for 2018.

Last year’s ShippingEasy Shipping Rate Changes Guide was extremely well received. It even won the Content Marketing Award for “Best Digital Publication – Editorial” from the Content Marketing Institute.

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The guide provides a summary of the rate changes and a one-page, side-by-side comparison of each carrier’s changes.

As an award-winning publication, why not start with the best free guide to review your shipping costs?

Get Answers Quickly

There are tables and graphics in the guide that help merchants choose the best carriers for specific weight groups and delivery zones. And the publication includes real world use studies to show how picking the right mix of shipping services can save you money.

With the 2018 Shipping Rate Changes Guide, merchants find answers to questions about their typical shipments and how it impacts their costs:

• Are you getting the best rates?
• What kind of delivery guarantees do you need?
• Are you overly concerned with brand perception?
• Are you using the right size packaging?
• Do you have special considerations?

From the answers to these questions, the publication can guide you to explore different shipping carrier options. Having a side-by-side comparison really brings out the nuances in rate sweet spots in for each vendor’s pricing strategy.

This marks the third year we have prepared the Shipping Rate Change Guide, and it’s still the only place e-commerce sellers can find side-by-side comparisons of rates from all three major carriers for all common shipping service levels, package weights, and shipping distances.

All e-commerce sellers, no matter their size, can use this resource to help optimize spending on shipping while mitigating the impact of the rate increases.

Katie May, CEO of ShippingEasy

The Guide is Only the Beginning

If you have been shipping for a while, you know that both UPS and FedEx offer negotiated rates. While the ShippingEasy 2018 Shipping Rate Changes Guide can help you explore better shipping services, you also want to contact UPS and FedEx to negotiate discounted rates.

This is especially critical if your mix of shipping has changed due to higher volume or a shift in delivery destinations (domestic vs. international).

Of course, the 2018 Shipping Rate Changes Guide can only compare retail or standard commercial rates. So, one of the big benefits of using a cloud-based shipping platform like ShippingEasy is that it links directly to your negotiated rates.

shipping easy compare ratesTherefore, while the report can point you in the right direction, ShippingEasy’s platform provides you a comparison of shipping rate for each package as you process it for shipment.

If you are not a ShippingEasy customer, it would be beneficial for you to take a look at their 2018 Shipping Rate Changes Guide so that you make necessary adjustments for next year.

Obviously, the company hopes you see a benefit in this comparison between shipping carriers that will get you interested in their product.

Shipping can become a very costly mistake if mismanaged, and a shipping manager like ShippingEasy can really help merchants control their shipping costs.

To access the free 2018 Shipping Rate Changes Guide, just follow this link.

Do you use a shipping manager to process your shipments? Have you looked at the rate increased for 2018 and how they may impact your business? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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