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Shippo, a web app that helps merchants get real-time shipping rates, print labels, automate international paperwork, track packages and facilitate returns, announced on Monday the launch of Tracking Pages.

Tracking Pages offers retailers a way to provide customized tracking notifications for orders and create a more seamless shipping experience to buyers.

After sales communications is becoming a critical aspect for eCommerce merchants as continuing contact and updates build customer loyalty.

Consumers feel more comfortable when they receive timely updates from merchants on their order. Amazon and other marketplaces do this very well, and smaller eCommerce businesses need to follow that trend.

Also, merchants benefit as customer service staff do not have to field far fewer order update inquiries and the Shippo Tracking Pages provide an additional store branding opportunity.

Shippo’s new Tracking Pages are easy to implement, flexible, and scalable.

Tracking Pages highlights:

  • Businesses stay top-of-mind with buyers and engage them during the post-purchase period, proven to be the most optimal time to get their attention, recommend other items, or prompt return visits to their store
  • Code-free visual changes: modify and customize visual elements including logos, display ads and social plugins without writing code
  • A simple implementation and carrier-agnostic approach that would work no matter what carrier or shipping service retailers are using to deliver packages

“When done right, shipping can help retain loyal buyers at checkout and beyond,” said  of Shippo. But without a well-thought-out approach, you will also see customers drop off. Tracking Pages is another way we’re creating a one-stop-shop for shipping—by providing the best order tracking experience to help online retailers connect with and re-engage their buyers.”

Laura Behrens Wu, CEO

Shippo has over 25,000 customers globally and has processed over 50 million shipments. The addition of Tracking Pages is available to all their customers starting Monday.

Existing and present Shippo customers can learn more about implementing Tracking Pages for their business on the company’s blog.

Do you use Shippo? If so, please let us know what you think about their new Tracking Pages? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.

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