Shippo ecommerce benchmarks report

Shippo released its first ever ecommerce shipping benchmark report using anonymized data from its thousands of shipping customers.

The purpose of the report is to provide merchants with an opportunity to compare their business to industry averages within key industry segments.

The key metrics tracked by Shippo in the report include:

  • Shipping spend – The total amount merchants spend on shipping as a percentage of overall revenue.
  • How many businesses ship internationally? – The percentage of merchants on the Shippo shipping platform sending orders to international customers.
  • Data on returns – How many shippers include return labels and the rate of returns per industry.
  • Average order value – The average Dollar amount spent each time a customer places an order.

Interesting data points from the report

  • Retailers in Jewelry, Electronics and the Medical & Rx industries, which typically ship smaller packages or have higher order values, are spending under 10% of the average order value (AOV) on shipping.
  • Industries with heavier and bulkier goods like Books and Food/Grocery are spending as much as 18% of AOV on shipping.
  • Auto, Electronics and Apparel industries send more goods internationally than other industries—as high as 22%.
  • Apparel leads in returns with return rates as high a 9.09%.
  • Beauty & Skincare average order values top out at $354.12.

Shippo full report available here

Online merchants who wish to compare their business shipping metrics with industry averages may browse through the Shippo Ecommerce Benchmarks Report here.

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