ShipStation Adds Parcel Guard

ShipStation Adds Comprehensive ParcelGuard Insurance Option

ShipStation has announced the launch of ParcelGuard, a robust insurance offering designed to safeguard merchants against the financial implications of lost or damaged shipments.

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With ParcelGuard, merchants in the United States can now enjoy enhanced protection and streamlined claims processes, ultimately improving their delivery experiences.

In the ecommerce industry, merchants often bear the responsibility and associated costs when shipments are lost or damaged during transit. Traditionally, merchants have sought coverage through carrier insurance policies.

However, these policies frequently come with limitations, exorbitant costs, and complex claims procedures and many merchants opt out of shipping insurance, leaving themselves vulnerable to unforeseen fulfillment expenses.

ParcelGuard directly confronts this challenge by providing a comprehensive solution that shields merchants from the unanticipated costs resulting from damaged or lost shipments.

The key advantages of this innovative offering include:

  1. Coverage for damage to branded packages and protection against theft (porch piracy) for unbranded shipments.
  2. Coverage encompassing a range of major carriers under a single set of terms, eliminating the need for merchants to grapple with intricate coverage details across multiple carriers.
  3. Expedited claims processing through a user-friendly online form integrated directly into the ShipStation app.
  4. Savings of up to 67% off carrier insurance rates.

“At ShipStation, our primary objective is to empower merchants with efficient and scalable shipping processes, and insurance plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal,” stated Albert Ko, Chief Executive Officer of Auctane, the parent company of ShipStation.

“With ParcelGuard, we are revolutionizing the insurance experience for merchants, offering them simplified payment and claims procedures, along with competitive rates for carrier coverage. Equipped with ParcelGuard, merchants are better equipped to manage unexpected expenses caused by package loss or damage and enhance their overall delivery experiences.”

ShipStation remains committed to supporting marketplace sellers and ecommerce merchants by continually developing innovative solutions that optimize their operations.

ParcelGuard Insurance Rates on ShipStation

  • USPS Domestic: $1.09 per $100 of coverage
  • USPS International: $1.39 per $100 of coverage
  • Non-USPS Domestic: $0.99 per $100 of coverage
  • Non-USPS International: $1.39 per $100 of coverage

Maximum coverage is $10,000 per package and $100,000 per conveyance. Some countries are excluded; see terms for more details.

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