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ShipStation Unveils Enhanced High-Volume Plan With New Automation Features

The leading cloud-based ecommerce shipping solution, ShipStation, has introduced new capabilities to its High-Volume Plan, tailored for enterprise merchants with significant shipping volumes and intricate workflows.

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The plan now incorporates Auto-Split and Shipping Strategies tools, aimed at automating essential aspects of enterprise merchants’ shipping processes, such as order planning and selecting the appropriate shipping service.

Manual processes for order planning, order splitting, and finding optimal shipping rates can lead to the loss of countless hours of productivity for enterprise-level merchants.

Additionally, reliance on manual methods often results in errors, which can lead to costly shipping mistakes, delays in shipments, and customer dissatisfaction.

The Auto-Split feature empowers merchants to automatically divide orders into multiple shipments based on predetermined rules.

This facilitates efficient order processing and fulfillment, even when certain items within an order are out of stock, too heavy for combined shipping, or require separate packaging.

The Shipping Strategies tool (currently in Beta) takes automation a step further by assigning suitable shipping services based on fluctuating rates.

This eliminates the time-consuming task of selecting a carrier service for each shipment, ensuring that every order reaches the customer within the expected timeframe and at the lowest feasible delivery cost.

ShipStation Build For Ecommerce Growth

Albert Ko, Chief Executive Officer of Auctane, ShipStation’s parent brand, remarked, “We’re proud to introduce a new High-Volume Plan with additional features to our customers.

“As ecommerce demand grows and evolves, we understand that our largest and most complex merchants need access to more flexible, automated workflows to streamline operations and meet their customers’ expectations.

“With features like Auto-Split and Shipping Strategies, ShipStation can automate two critical components of enterprise merchants’ shipping experiences and help them scale.”

The enhanced High-Volume Plan for ShipStation, inclusive of Auto-Split and Shipping Strategies, is now accessible to businesses in North America. Additional features in the plan include Cubiscan, ODBC, and the recently introduced Product Bundles.

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