ShipStation Google Integration

ShipStation Deepens Integration with Google Enabling Sellers to Offer Enhanced Shipping and Returns Experiences

ShipStation expanded its integration with Google to include the Google Shipping Service, enabling sellers to easily enhance their product listings with accurate shipping speed estimates. The deepened partnership also allows sellers to process returns directly in the Google Merchant Center.

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ShipStation recognizes the importance of shipping speeds and easy returns in consumer purchase decisions and on seller bottom lines.

In 2021 Global Pulse, ShipStation’s proprietary research found that 87% of US consumers want full visibility into shipping timelines before making an online purchase, and most expect an easy returns process.

ShipStation’s new shipping service integration uses order tracking data and machine learning to provide consumers with the most accurate delivery estimates, giving them the confidence to make an informed purchase decision.

Consumers will be able to see estimated shipping speeds on shopping ads, free listings, and Buy on Google listings while shopping across Google’s platform.

ShipStation New Integration Also Improves Returns Experience

The expanded partnership now allows for Buy on Google returns to be handled directly through the Google Merchant Center, similar to how they are managed in ShipStation.

“The battle for the hearts and minds (and dollars) of the consumer is now won both in the shopping cart and in the product listing itself. By collaborating with Google on these unique features, the merchant can then empower their consumer to make better purchase decisions, increase shipment visibility, and streamline returns.”

Krish Iyer, Head of Industry Relations & Strategic Partnerships at ShipStation

With ShipStation and Google’s deeper integration, ShipStation users will be able to provide their customers with more accurate order and delivery information and easier returns while consumers will be able to make better-informed decisions about which merchants to use based on shipping and fulfillment performance.

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