ShipStation Announces Integration with Marketplace

ShipStation announced a new integration with fast growing UK-based marketplace on LinkedIn.

“ShipStation is proud to announce our latest integration with, the fourth largest marketplace in the UK, providing you with a platform to sell to a wider audience.”

ShipStation Announcement

This is the second major shipping and order fulfillment news for sellers as yesterday the company announced a new direct integration and partnership with Hermes.

ShipStation Brings Integrated Multi-Channel Selling to OnBuy Sellers

For many OnBuy sellers, the significance of this announcement may be even greater since they will now have the option of using one of the most popular shipping platforms for order processing that integrates not only with, but many other online marketplaces.

With ShipStation, sellers selling on multiple platforms such as Amazon or eBay can now integrate all their sales channels and also compare shipping rates between carriers before printing labels.

Furthermore, ShipStation integrates with many popular shipping carriers in the UK, including Amazon FBA, which sellers can use for third-party fulfillment in the US and Canada as well.

While competes with Amazon by offering an online marketplace that doesn’t compete with its sellers, the Amazon FBA service is a popular fulfillment option for many multi-channel sellers.

This new integration should help to grow their seller base further as the marketplace can now fit into one fulfillment process when using the cloud-based ShipStation shipping platform.

Currently, the new integration is only available to UK-based users. But this integration could easily be added to other country specific ShipStation offerings, helping to grow their marketplace globally.

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