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ShipStation Has Launched a New Feature That Makes It Easier To Sell Product Bundles

ShipStation has just released its newest feature, Product Bundles. This highly anticipated tool allows merchants to more efficiently fulfill, ship, and track their bundled items within ShipStation.

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Online retailers can now offer deals and discounts to their customers by bundling products that are frequently purchased together, which can help increase average order values and drive sales.

Additionally, Product Bundles can help merchants to save time and money by automating the fulfillment and shipping process. Here are some of the benefits of using Product Bundles:

  • Increase average order values by offering discounts on bundled items.
  • Save time and money by automating the fulfillment and shipping process.
  • Automate the tedious process of manually calculating inventory availability for bundles.
  • Order fulfillment efficiency is improved by including bundles and their components on packing lists, making it easier to accurately pick, scan, and verify the items being shipped.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering a convenient way to purchase multiple items at once.
  • Track the performance of bundled items to see which ones are most popular.
  • Create custom bundles to appeal to different customer segments.
  • Use bundles to promote new products or seasonal items.

Albert Ko, the Chief Executive Officer of Auctane, the parent company of ShipStation, emphasized the platform’s commitment to aiding merchants in achieving peak efficiency and profitability.

The introduction of this innovative feature enables seamless product bundle management, which is critical to “fulfillment strategies and sales goals.”

Furthermore, product bundles stand to elevate the overall efficiency of the fulfillment process, underscoring its role as a transformative tool for online businesses navigating modern market dynamics.

ShipStation’s new Product Bundles feature is now available for North American merchants subscribing to the Gold, Platinum, Enterprise, or High-Volume plans. Learn more about this feature here.

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