Shipstation Walmart Canada Marketplace Integration

ShipStation Launches New Integration with Walmart Canada Marketplace

ShipStation has expanded its partnerships by adding the Walmart Canada Marketplace to its group of over 300 global eCommerce and shipping integrations.

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Approved ShipStation customers will now be able to sell their products on Walmart Canada Marketplace, and existing Walmart Canada Marketplace merchants will have the ability to process orders through ShipStation.

“ShipStation is committed to bringing the top solutions to our customers all over the world. That means looking for partners that share our commitment to supporting our customers whenever and however they sell. Partnering with Walmart Canada Marketplace helps us fulfill that promise and provides our merchants with more opportunities to connect with Canadian shoppers.”

Krish Iyer, Head of Industry Relations and Partnerships at ShipStation presents a growing opportunity for sellers as the online marketplace has over 900,000 visitors every day with marketplace shoppers already having access to over 28 million items from more than 4,000 independent sellers.

Third-party sellers retain control over their businesses on, including inventory, retail prices, fulfillment, and customer service.

ShipStation and Walmart Canada Marketplace Easy Integration

With ShipStation, sellers will be able to retrieve orders and product data from the marketplace and return tracking and shipping information to the order. This will help sellers meet today’s online shopper’s expectations as they receive timely updates on their orders.

“We are excited to be teaming up with ShipStation and to be able to offer our third-party sellers top-selling solutions. We are always looking at innovative ways to make selling on Walmart Canada Marketplace easier and more convenient for third-party sellers.”

Laurent Duray, Senior Vice President of eCommerce, Walmart Canada

The integration is easy to setup. ShipStation customers choosing to sell on the Walmart Canada Marketplace can add the marketplace directly to their ShipStation dashboard.

The new integration is available to ShipStation and Walmart Canada Marketplace sellers now.

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