ShipStation Now Available for Amazon Australia Marketplace Sellers

ShipStation announced their partnership with Amazon Australia, providing an efficient shipping platform for new Amazon Australia marketplace sellers.

While Amazon Australia is still in a soft-launch mode with only one operational warehouse and no Prime expedited shipping offer (yet), third-party merchants on the platform are mostly fulfilling products from their own stores or warehouses.

This provides an excellent opportunity for one of most versatile cloud-based shipping solutions to work with Australian businesses to integrate their sales on Amazon into their shipping flow.

With Amazon finally offering product sales in Australia, and third-party marketplace sellers playing a significant role in this expansion, ShipStation’s multi-channel shipping solution should help SMEs conform to Amazon’s fulfillment standards.

ShipStation integrates with Sendle, Australia Post, UPS Australia, DHL Express Australia, and many other carriers making the process as efficient as possible.

Some of the essential Amazon Australia features supported by ShipStation are:

  • Compatible with International Amazon Stores – Amazon Marketplaces in the U.S., UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, France, or covered by ShipStation
  • Product Pictures & Weights – Product pictures and weights are imported when orders import
  • Tracking Information – Automatically send tracking data to Amazon, when the label is created
  • Support for Checkout by Amazon – Works with Amazon’s marketplace or their checkout function
  • Customer Shipping Preference – Shows customer’s choice for shipping carrier on order screen in ShipStation
  • Gift Messaging & Wrapping – Provides information about the gift message, wrap level and price
  • Amazon Item Condition – Imports product condition for order, so if shipper sell multiple condition levels of he same item, it is right there on the screen
  • Import Products by ASIN or SKU – Choose ASIN or SKU as the unique identifier for products
  • Full Customer Information – Imports full recipient address (including their phone number)
  • Run Reports on Amazon Orders – Import all Amazon orders into ShipStation to run advanced reporting in ShipStation

ShipStation Has Solid Record in US

Australian sellers may not be that familiar with ShipStation, but the company has a solid record in the U.S. with many Amazon and eBay sellers relying on the platform for their daily shipping.

The company was founded in 2010 in Austin, TX and has over 200 partnerships and integrations making it one of the premier shipping solutions available today to SMEs.

The addition of Amazon Australia to its partner network expands on the commitment ShipStation already has made to eCommerce merchants in Australia.

Amazon has the potential to become the largest marketplace down under, and SMEs in Australia can benefit from years of experience Shipstation has with Amazon in the U.S.

The get started, the company offers a free trial for Australian shippers to take advantage of their highly integrated multi-channel shipping platform.

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