ShipStations partners with PULPO warehouse management system.

ShipStation and PULPO Join Forces To Skyrocket Ecommerce Success

In a new partnership, ecommerce shipping platform ShipStation is teaming up with warehouse management system PULPO to provide merchants with integrated solutions to grow their businesses.

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The partnership is now active in the UK, France, Germany and North America and enables ecommerce businesses to integrate directly with PULPO’s warehouse management systems (WMS), allowing online sellers to optimize their ecommerce operations and logistics.

Specifically, ShipStation users will have instant access to PULPO’s features like automated order processing, improved inventory accuracy and reduced order errors. At the same time, PULPO customers will benefit from ShipStation’s scalable shipping automation, discounted carrier rates and delivery visibility.

“Working together with PULPO, we’re able to provide more merchants around the world with access to the tools they need to scale their business, both domestically and internationally,” said Matthew Trattlers, VP of SMB Revenue at Auctane, ShipStation’s operating brand.

“The plug and play integration is easy to set up and enables businesses to take their warehouse and shipping process to the next level.

“We’re looking forward to working with PULPO to help merchants scale and to achieve operational excellence. Ultimately, that will help businesses to retain their customers by providing exceptional experiences.”

Thomas Kircheis, Founder and CEO of PULPO WMS, expressed his excitement for the new partnership with ShipStation. He highlighted the significant advantages this collaboration brings to ecommerce merchants and 3PLs/fulfillers, emphasizing the accessibility to ShipStation’s extensive carrier integrations and shipping label optimization tools.

By joining forces, ShipStation and PULPO aim to equip ecommerce businesses with integrated end-to-end solutions to help them scale up their operations.

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