Shipstation announced today they have added Zendesk, the popular customer service and engagement platform which allows businesses to streamline customer service operations.

Zendesk enables sellers to communicate with shoppers through chat, phone, email, social media, and more. Ticket forms, pre-written ticket responses, and customer search history make customer assistance faster and more productive.

With the new ShipStation partnership, an online merchant’s support team can now view orders within Zendesk as they are talking to customers without ever leaving the interface.

This integration allows a business to provide support quickly and effectively which means improved customer satisfaction and value for the brand.

Providing faster answers and information to shoppers individually can create a more meaningful and lasting customer relationship.

Zendesk Integration Highlights Include:

  • Customer service support team can quickly lookup orders by order number – no users or permission needed.
  • Easy to set up. This plugin connects directly to the company’s ShipStation account using API keys.
  • Access to all order and shipment details.

Customer Service

Many small online business owners often forget about the after-the-sale process as they put all efforts into products, site design, and marketing.

But as consumers do more research and read more reviews before making a buying decision, the trust factor of a small business may depend on other customer’s opinion.

One negative review can mean a lot of lost business. But even more critical, according to a survey by BrightLocal, 85 percent of consumers trust customer reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

By developing a comprehensive customer service plan and using technology to improve engagement, business owners can maximize positive reviews and build trust in their products and service.

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